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CDI Corporation is a privately-held multinational company providing engineering, information technology and staffing services to clients in a range of industries including energy, chemical, aerospace, defense, transportation and financial services. As of 2016, the company employed 900 staffers and approximately 7,500 billable employees. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

A former employee outrageously mentioned, "CDI Corp was the worse place to work. Poor morale and back stabbing CEO and upper management, unethical human resources and accounting practices. Employees time and payroll entered wrong."


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Payroll/Project Admin/Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You are always looking over your back. No paid holidays, unless you have acquired PTO. Always worried about getting laid off and did get laid off.The best part of the job was being busy and meeting 9 hour days get off on friday at 11:terrible benefits, always worried and stressed."

Prototype buyer / Logistics Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I never see or hear from anyone at CDI. Just where I'm contracted with."

Level II Recovery Operator (Former Employee) says

"This company gave 1 raise in 10 years. Vacation time as well as sick time had to be accrued. There were no promotions. Management was constantly lying to you. Nothing to work towards. Very bad company. One star.noneeverything about CDI"

Mechanical Designer/Drafter (Former Employee) says

"Our local office was great to work in. The corporate managers were shifty. Always being told our office is costing the company money when in turn we were one of the few offices turning a profit. They closed down our office with 30 days notice. The CEO was replaced the day our office was closed.Office workersCorporate"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing positive to say about this company. Most of the issues are bad managers topped with bad CEO. Extremely cut throat. CEO likes to brag about his money and how he spends it...bad time to brag about it right before you tell your employees they are getting fired or that there will be no raises."

Drafter - Piping (Current Employee) says

"Has no standard structure of work procedure. No system for advancement opportunity or learning. It's not an ideal work place for learning level of becoming designer. No system in place of how project execute and working take place.LocationNo learning sytem"

Senior Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Expect to pay 100% of all of your benefits,,Don't expect any interactions with CDI unless there is an issueyou have a job"

concrete foreman (Former Employee) says

"start working there as a labor be came a concrete finisher and carpenter but the pay was way to low for all that work we get don each day superentended had not knowlagy of what his job isnot recomend work thereshor breaks"

Operations Lead (Former Employee) says

"Management interacts minimally with workforce. The morale of employees is very, very poor. Most see it as a dead end job due to the lack of advancement potential. Most positions above the entry level are filled by outside hires instead of promotions. Most entry level positions are brought in as a temp and the average temp does not get hired on for at least 1 to 2 years. As a temp they do not get the majority of benefits other employees get including sick time and paid time off. Poor workforce management has led to even lower morale and an even more stressful work environment. Due to not enough employees, the workload continues to increase with no increase in pay for those involved. Employees are often asked to work through lunch due to this, and being unable to meet contractual agreements with clients.Free coffeePoor management, no pay increase, no advancement."

Level 1 Help Desk Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company was my first job in "IT". It was supposed to be a help desk, but turned into more of a monitoring desk for servers, main frames, and networks. Iperformed level 1 work and any issues encountered required opening a ticket and passing it to level 2.Easy workManagement was secretive, so-so communication, no real opportunity for skill building or advancement."

Principal Engineer (SRT) says

"This is a job shop company. It places consultants for short duration of projects. At the end of the project you are at your own.There no permanent jobs with CDI.NoeNone"

Lead Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Needed to work on contracts with IBM. Position provides no opportunity for advancement and does not assist in relationship with IBM. Work is for IBM and the customer IBM is contracting with.Source of work with IBMNo benefits and no advancement."

Sr Systems Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company. There was little contact with CDI management.Salary increases were dependent on the customer. The position was a contract-to-hire with the customer. When the customer had a hiring freeze, I requested to be submitted for other projects. This fell on deaf ears. I finally located a contract that was open and convinced CDI to submit me for it.nonelimited management involvement"

Juniper Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"contract company there was no health insurance there was no paid time off they preferred to listen to the customer then to your needs. i would not go back to that unless my situation was get a paycheckyou get nothing but a paycheck"

Level II Technical Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A typical workday keeps you pretty busy. It would mainly consist of taking calls and updating tickets. I learned a little about a lot. Issues generally revolved around proprietary software, plugins, apps, etc. but there was also plenty of opportunity to learn about encryption, vpn, configuring operating systems, a little networking at times, and walking users through setting up hardware. The local management is a mixed bag of good people/leaders and folks who would be better suited in a non management or customer service type roll. Due to the nature of the beast upper management has a tendency of being too far detached to be effective at cultivating a productive and healthy work environment resulting in a hindrance to an otherwise simple job. Workplace Culture: I worked with some great people and talented technicians. Also worked with some of the most negative and immature people I've ever encountered professionally and personally. Overall a good team but they really need to trim the fat. Due to the lack of upward growth potential, management issues, job dissatisfaction, and whatever other reasons people might have the turnover rate is pretty high. Hardest part of the job is staying positive and abreast of the rapid changes to policy and procedures. Usually the changes are sent out via email so if one were to be overlooked it is not uncommon to wind up with a write up or two a few months down the line. Most enjoyable part of the job was working with such a diverse team of talented technicians.Assistance with education including certs, Set schedule with ample opportunity for OT (contingent on SLA), Decent benefits, Good pay for the area, Awesome people on the teamToxic work environment, Little room for growth, Ineffective management, Lack of agents and continuity, Literally tethered to a desk by a headset"


"Many designers at low pay. Office culture is subdued and no interfacing between employees.NoneMorgue"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"The work itself has a learning curve, but once you understand the process it becomes routine. Training for new employees is nearly non existent. The training that does happen occurs when you are need to perform a certain task that there is now a void for. Hard work is not necessarily acknowledged and deadlines are constantly missed due to the customer not providing what is needed on time and since the end customer is the same companyt he blame shifts to CDI employees.The work environment is stablePoor leadership/management"

NOC Team Lead/IT Manager (Current Employee) says

"Focus on maintaining high quality service teams and supporting the business through targeted growth and demand management. The culture is supportive and forward thinking."

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very fast paced call center. Numbers mean everything - call speed/production. Good work environment, training provided - excellent coworkers always willing to help."

Consulting Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"The contract engineering position was a very good one and I found the company I was contracted to to generally have good people. The support CDI gave me was very good especially the services group.Good contracts and they pushed to have honest P/D ratesNot alwasy having something available to go to next in less than 30 days." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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